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Cracking the Code of Psychotherapy: Discovering what really works

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered how psychotherapy actually helps people? It's a complex puzzle with various therapeutic approaches and theories, but the truth is, we still don't have all the answers. However, a fascinating study conducted in 2022 has shed some light on the matter and revealed some exciting findings. Reducing worry and improving relaxation are the most influential strategies to trigger overall improvement - great news for anyone considering solution-focused hypnotherapy because it targets these very issues.

The Universal Pieces: Common Psychotherapy Factors That Drive Change

While therapists use different techniques, there are certain common factors that contribute to positive change. These include a strong connection with the therapist, care and empathy, and a shared understanding of the problem and goals. These elements form the foundation for successful psychotherapy, regardless of the approach used.

Unravelling the Mystery: Digging Deeper

In the quest to understand exactly how therapy brings about change, researchers embarked on a study involving over 100,000 individuals seeking help for anxiety or depression. The participants were receiving various forms of therapy within an NHS primary care service. By closely monitoring their symptoms over time, the researchers made an intriguing discovery.

The Dance of Symptoms: Finding the Key Players

The study’s premise is that our internal systems are always striving for balance and satisfaction in all aspects of our lives. However, external stressors and symptoms can throw things off kilter. For example, anxiety or sadness can disrupt sleep, lower motivation, and create a depressed mood. When these symptoms surpass a certain threshold, they can create a self-perpetuating state of distress. The goal of psychotherapy is to disrupt this cycle and guide individuals back to a healthy equilibrium.

The Domino Effect: The Power of Reducing Worry and Increasing Relaxation

As the researchers observed the changing symptoms, they found that reducing worry and improving relaxation had the most significant positive impact on other symptoms. These two strategies not only had direct benefits on their own but also influenced other symptoms, leading individuals towards a healthier state.

The Key to Change: Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy Unveiled

Which brings me to solution-focused hypnotherapy. This technique focuses on highlighting what is already working well in a person's life, fostering a positive mindset. By shifting the focus away from worries and encouraging relaxation, solution-focused hypnotherapy guides individuals towards a more optimistic state of mind.

One of the remarkable tools in this approach is hypnosis. By inducing a deep state of relaxation, the therapist helps clients access their subconscious mind, which is open to their own positive intentions and new perspectives. Clients learn relaxation skills that promote better sleep, reduced tension, and less anxiety. Moreover, solution-focused hypnotherapy assists in recognizing and reframing negative thought patterns that contribute to worry and difficulty in relaxing. This process cultivates a calmer and more optimistic mindset, paving the way for reduced worry and enhanced relaxation.

But that's not all. Solution-focused hypnotherapy also focuses on building resilience and developing effective coping strategies. By exploring past successes and identifying personal strengths, individuals gain confidence in their ability to tackle challenges and reduce worry. Therapists guide clients in creating personalised coping mechanisms to promote relaxation and manage stress more effectively.

A Promising Future: Tailored Therapies on the Horizon

The study's ongoing research aims to understand how different therapeutic approaches target specific symptoms. This exciting prospect may lead to personalised therapies that cater to individuals' unique needs, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes. While we await further discoveries, it's reassuring to know that the 2022 study aligns with existing research and explains the effectiveness of solution-focused hypnotherapy in helping individuals overcome anxiety and achieve their goals.

In conclusion, psychotherapy therapy remains a fascinating enigma, but with each study and discovery, we edge closer to unravelling its secrets and, most importantly, unlocking a brighter future for our clients.

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