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Stop Vaping/Smoking

Kick that habit

If you have found this page, a part of you likely wants to quit, but you might be scared or fearful of failing (yet again?). Hypnosis will recruit your subconscious and intellectual mind to support your intentions and reasons to quit, thereby becoming healthier, with more money, and free from the desire and the consequences of smoking or vaping. If you want or need to quit, hypnosis is a safe and effective way to be the smoke or vape-free person you want to be.

I will explain the cycle of dependency to give you the knowledge to understand your habit. We will explore the reasons you continue to feel a reliance on smoking or vaping and talk about the strategies to refocus on beneficial ways to meet those needs in a healthy, positive and enduring way. The hypnosis element will safely and enjoyably reinforce all your rational and positive intentions. You will become the non-smoker or non-vaper you want to be.

You will probably recognise the daily conflict of being a smoker or vaper: when you can't or aren't smoking or vaping, you want to; when you are, or immediately afterwards, you wonder why you are doing it and pledge to stop.

After you have smoked or vaped, you have satisfied the craving and then your intellect kicks in. You remember all the negative consequences and concerns, which might include:
- Your long-term health
- Damage to your skin and appearance
- Short-term disgust, dry mouth, dislike of the lingering smell or sight of that ashtray
- The cost
- Feelings of social discomfort
- Environmental concerns around the plastic, battery and chemicals in vapes;

- Or you might return to exactly how you felt beforehand - hungry, bored, anxious or fearful. You had merely delayed these feelings with the distraction or temporary comfort of a vape or a cigarette.

I will help you understand why this happens and support you in escaping this conflict.

The nicotine in cigarettes and vapes works on the dopamine pathways in our brains. It provides instant satisfaction as dopamine (the chemical neurotransmitter that drives reward-seeking behaviour) is massively boosted (by 150%, i.e. more than double your natural baseline level). So your craving, that uncomfortable feeling, is satisfied.

But what happens next in your brain is what makes you continue in your habit: intellectually you are aware of the negative effects, but your brain can't sustain that high level of dopamine production which the nicotine has triggered, and so your dopamine levels plummet down, to far below your natural level, leaving you wanting to regain that rewarding feeling. It is this drop in your dopamine levels which drives the desire to smoke or vape again. Your brain chemistry seeks to get you back to having that feeling of satisfaction and reward. The cycle continues and worsens: due to this cycle, your natural baseline levels of dopamine reduce over time, and it takes more and more cigarettes or vapes to achieve that feeling of satisfaction or reward.

The remarkable fact is that the chemical need for nicotine takes only a few days to die out. However, the kicker is that our subconscious mind associates that rewarding feeling of satisfaction with the behaviour of smoking or vaping, and this association also feeds the habit. We continue to hold onto that association of smoking or vaping with satisfaction and reward, and tell ourselves we can't function or be happy without smoking or vaping. We are scared to stop.

This is why hypnotherapy can be so effective. It helps you break the link between the damaging behaviour of smoking or vaping and the false associations which support it. Please call me to discuss how I can support, guide and help you rid yourself of this habit using hypnotherapy. I will give you the knowledge to understand and remove your habit, the support and understanding to enable you to believe in yourself, strategies to hold onto for the future, and a lovely session of hypnosis to engage your subconscious in achieving your objective and be the non-smoker or non-vaper you know you can and want to be.

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