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Confident Child/YA

Cope, be OK being you

I understand the unique challenges and pressures faced by young individuals. Anxiety can manifest in many ways, such as social anxiety, performance anxiety or general anxiety. School fear or school-related anxiety is another typical challenge children and young adults face, it can show up as fear of tests, social situations or school refusal. It may exist as a result of bullying or the challenges which can come with neurodiversity in a school, academy or college which is unable to support individual needs.

For parents, seeing your child in a state of anxiety is agonising, they may be shaking with fear at the thought of going to school, meeting people or performing in any way. It can be hard to know what to do. Do you try to make them go to school or an event? Or fear that they will never learn to manage if you don't? Or do you fluctuate and vacillate depending on all the other demands in your life?

I will work with your child or young adult to help them understand the underlying causes of their anxiety and help them reframe unhelpful thought patterns or behaviours. I will focus on identifying and building their strengths, helping them develop practical approaches to navigate challenges confidently and easily. Through gentle and relaxing hypnosis sessions, I will guide them to access their inner resources, enhance their self-confidence and develop effective coping strategies to manage anxiety and its symptoms in their daily life.

Confidence is a crucial aspect of a young person's well-being and success. My approach focuses on nurturing their self-belief and empowering them to embrace their strengths. By helping them access their inner resources and reframe self-limiting beliefs, I can assist children and young adults develop a strong sense of self-esteem, self-worth and a confident mindset to support their growth and success.

I prioritise creating a safe and supportive space where young individuals can express themselves freely and feel understood.

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