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Jackie Iremonger Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Clinical Psychotherapist


Hypnotherapist and Clinical Psychotherapist

Hello, I'm Jackie.  I am a qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist providing hypnotherapy online and hypnotherapy in Wimbledon, from my home in Wimbledon Park, SW19.  


I help adults, teens or children who want to overcome anxiety, find calm, confidence and control, and improve their mental and emotional health to better enjoy their life. 


I work in-person and online using solution focused hypnotherapy which is a safe and proven approach for overcoming anxiety, depression, fear or phobias, reaching performance or health goals and quitting vaping or smoking. 


Regardless of your challenges, together we will focus on and work towards your preferred future in a practical, solution-focused way.  We will also use the natural, relaxing state of hypnosis to help you achieve your intentions.

I am a trained solution focused hypnotherapist, am a member of the AfSFH and NCH, and hold an advanced DBS check.

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Find Calm, Confidence and Freedom

Hypnotherapy, Clinical Psychotherapy
  • Reduce Anxiety and Find Confidence

  • Tackle Depression and Move Forwards

  • Banish Panic Attacks and Regain Control

  • Sleep Well, Find Rest

  • Become a More Confident Child or Young Adult 

  • Perform At Your Best

  • Be Confidence in Your Body

  • Improve Your Digestive Health

  • Tackle IBS or IBD

  • Manage Life with Chronic Pain

  • Overcome Fears or Phobias

  • Stop Vaping or Smoking 

I will help you create lasting and positive change in your life through solution focused hypnotherapy and compassionate clinical psychotherapy.   

We can all become stuck, whether in unhelpful habits, challenging situations, or trapped by anxiety, negative thoughts and behaviours, fears, phobias or past events.  I will help you build lasting and foundational tools to help you move beyond current difficulties and which you can use time and again to equip you in your future.


If my these descriptions don't quite fit your unique situation, please get in touch and we will talk about how I can help you.

How Can I Help?
What is Solution Focused Hypnothrapy?

What Is Different about
Holben Hypnotherapy?

My approach is solution-focused.  This is forward-looking.  We will work together in a positive, future-focused way.  You won't need to dwell on past experiences or negative emotions.  Instead, we will build new pathways in your brain to support your growth and progress. Together we will work to realise your preferred future.  Whatever it is that has brought you here, our work together will focus on you becoming the person you want to be.


At the heart of my approach is the belief that everyone has the skills and resources to find the solutions to their problems.  You are unique, but we all need help from time to time.  I will work alongside you and together we will discover strategies, draw upon your strengths and find effective solutions to your challenges.  During our sessions, I will ask targeted questions to help you explore your goals and find realistic, achievable ways to get there.  You'll gain invaluable insight, knowledge, and skills that you can use now and in the future. 

The hypnosis element directs your subconscious mind's resources towards your goals while you relax.  Hypnosis is natural, like feeling in flow or completely absorbed and utterly focused.  Your mind and body will deeply rest while your subconscious works to implement the intentions and solutions we will have discussed.   I will introduce hypnosis with a relaxing, guided meditation that calms your busy mind and quietens the "noise".  While you relax, the hypnotic state recruits and engages the power of your subconscious mind to help make the changes you seek.   You will retain control, and the only suggestions you will be open to will be your own.  I will also give you a self-hypnosis recording to use as you fall asleep each night.  This will support our work and help you sleep.  You will see a change.

Anyone, including children over 8, can benefit from hypnotherapy.  I can provide hypnotherapy online and in-person hypnotherapy in Wimbledon, SW19.  Hypnotherapy is as effective whether face to face or over a video conference.  If you are unable to travel or are unsure how to interact online, I will help explain and can guide you through all the steps involved so you can access support from the comfort of your own surroundings. 

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Clients Say...

Clients Say...

M, Consultant, London

"A hypnotherapy session with Jackie is like having a deep, restorative sleep. Your mind and body feel so much better for it. Jackie is professional yet completely personable and she always kept our sessions focussed yet I felt never rushed. Her ability to really listen and empathise really helped me dig deeper into why I faced such a disrupted sleep. I really enjoyed the neuroscience behind how our brains work along with the helpful listening tools and recommendations of podcasts & apps that she shared with me that continued to further help me help myself. Her sessions always left me feeling better about myself and more in control, with my sleep being already improved enough that I’m not reliant on the many crutches I had come to rely on in the past."

N, Therapist, Sussex

"I had a session with Jackie for sugar cravings and overeating recently. Within a couple of weeks of the session, I felt empowered to bin my sweet snacks and was no longer prepared to let them have that power over me. I don’t have those cravings anymore and now consciously choose to eat a healthy, limited amount without overeating like before. I feel great about it and back in control. Thank you Jackie!."

L, Student, Epsom

"Jackie made me feel very comfortable right away. I found I really got a lot out of the sessions I did with and I would definitely recommend her!"

Jackie Iremonger Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Clinical Psychotherapist

Do You Have Questions?

If you are not quite ready to arrange a free exploratory chat, please use the form below to email me with any questions or concerns.  I am always happy to help.

72 Home Park Road


SW19 7HR

Tel: +44 (0) 7515 877336

Thank you for contacting me, I'll be in touch shortly

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