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Perform To Your Max

Reach your potential

Our minds can get in our way, or we can use them to promote our success. Whether your performance goals are related to sport, the performing arts, public speaking, exams, work presentations or negotiations, or navigating other daily challenges in your life, solution focused hypnotherapy can help. Skill improvement, enhanced self-confidence and self-efficacy, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved focus and concentration have all been shown to result from hypnotherapy.

There are many ways I can help. Together we will identify your goals and use techniques to help you get there.

Through positive suggestions and imagery you will develop a mindset to support your performance ambitions, and improve your focus, determination and resilience in the face of challenges. By using visualisation techniques during hypnosis session you can vividly imagine performing at your best, reinforcing your positive beliefs and enhancing your confidence.

I will help you to relax and manage negative thoughts, and reframe anxieties into positive expectations and move past mental barriers. By overcoming anxiety you will be able to gain greater control over your emotions and perform more effectively under pressure.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can improve concentration and focus by training you to narrow your attention and block out distractions. By using the state of trance and guided imagery you can develop the ability to enter a state of heightened focus, enabling you to perform and trust in your skills. Solution focused hypnotherapy can also facilitate mental rehearsal, allowing you to practise and reinforce your skills and strategies in your mind. This mental rehearsal helps develop neural pathways and reinforces muscle memory, improving physical performance.

These claims are underpinned by several studies, a selection of which are referenced below.

The impact of hypnosis on increased performance and skill improvement was published in the Journal of Applied Human Movement Studies in 1997. The study examined the effects of hypnosis on basketball free throw shooting and found that athletes who received hypnosis training showed significant improvement in free throw accuracy compared to the control group (1) . A study in 2004 showed how mental rehearsal and practice increases muscle strength (2) and more recently a study in 2020 reported that visualisation techniques can improve motor skills, grow muscle strength, increase self-confidence, attention, concentration, and decrease anxiety (3).




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